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Who Is That Guy in Facebook’s Most Viral Meme?

There is hardly anybody that has not seen this photograph on Facebook. It is often used to share jokes, memes and other light hearted stuff. But have you ever imagined whose photograph is that? Who is that guy in those innumerable memes shared virally ...Read More

Want to Ride a Tiger? Visit This Zoo in Argentina

The Lujan Zoo near Buenos Aires, Argentina is perhaps the most dangerous and most controversial zoo in the world. It allows visitors to go close to animals and cuddle them, feed them, take selfies with or even ride them; and this includes animals as dangerous ...Read More

More Chickens in the World than Humans

Did you know that there are more chickens in this world than human beings? The human population of the world is about 6 billion whereas the number of chickens slaughtered each year alone is about 8 billion. In 2002, there were 15.9 billion chickens ...Read More